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Wonderful Wadonga Wedding

When your family live on such a spectacular part of the Australian bush...take full advantage. We adore a wedding set in amongst the gum trees and there is always something extra special when it's the place you call home. Meagan and Kobi are simply wonderful humans and there were many laughs shared along with tears of joy and gratitude and this shines through in their photos. What a joy to be there to witness!

These two wed on a beautiful spring day in October...we got to explore the family property and feed off the love that was all around us!! We always put everything we have into your wedding day and when we deliver the images that we know you are just hanging out to see...it is always a bit scary...we want to capture your day and your love just as you see it...and even better...in a way that you might not have seen before! So when we get an email or text message back from you saying you love the images...it just fills our bucket (as our primary school kids have taught us about) - so when Meagan and Kobi had a chance to look at all their photos and they send us an email like this...we have literal love heart eyes!


Thank you so much.

Looking through them was like reliving the day. So magical. 

Thank you so much xxx 

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